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    Sativa / Indica ratio - 100 % indica
    THC 0.5-8 %
    CBD - 6-12 %
    CBG - Up to 0.3 %
    Flowering indoors - 7-8 weeks
    Flowering outdoors - August / Early September
    Yield - Average

    Resistance against spider mites - Average
    Resistance against powder mildew - Average
    Resistance against botrytis - Average
    Resistance against white fly - Average
    Resistance against cold - High
    Resistance against heat - Average
    Latitude 0º-55º

    Genetics - Erdbeer x Purpuera Ticinensis.

    Structure - Classic afghani structure: strong, robust and compact, with big hash plant leaves and huge stems. It grows mainly columnar, with almost no branching.

    Bouquet - Fresh roast coffee and strawberry\blackberry pie smoke fragrances, with a strong organic, hashy and earthy background. The flavor is reminiscent of the exquisite Yarkhun Pakistan hash.
    High - Relaxed and creative indica effect of moderate strength, with great medicinal potential due to its high CBD content.

    Terpene profile - Complex and rich terpene profile. It mainly contains the following monoterpenes: alpha pinene, trans ocimene and d limonene, with variability in the myrcene, beta pinene and linalool content. Sesquiterpenes: mainly beta caryophyllene, followeed by cis nerolidol and alpha humelene, with variability in guaiol and alpha bisabolol content.

    Growing Tips - It's in the colder northern climates where Erdpurt really stands out, it can be grown up to latitude 55°. It can resist several days of frosts and strong winds.

    Some plants may show semi autoflowering traits when grown below 45° latitude, especially if the root space is limited with small pots. To keep mother plants indoors, we recommend high photoperiods of 20/4, and don't restrict the root space with small pots.

    We recommend a long growing stage (of at least 2 months) before switching to flower, in order to obtain the best results in terms of yield and development. We recommended to prune it if you wish to get more branched plants, since its natural structure is quite columnar..

    Genetic analyses show that ErdPurt has a unique genotype, with moderate genetic variability. Erdpurt is 100% indica, a very interesting plant to develop outdoor hybrids rich in CBD, producing good fast flowering crosses with excellent adaptability against cold and wind. Its high CBD content is easily transmitted to its hybrids..

    We recommend moderate levels of nutrients for the whole cycle.
    Classic afghani line developed in northern Europe, where it was selected for its quality, fast flowering and excellent adaptability against the adverse conditions of northern climates.

    It is a very ornamental hash plant, that can get multitude of colors in the leaves, stems and flowers in late flowering. It ripens very quickly, producing hard and resinous buds with coffee, earthy, piney and hashy aromas. The effect is relaxing afghan type, of moderate strength and high medicinal value due to its high CBD content.

    ErdPurt is an excellent afghani for outdoor growing in altitude or northern latitudes, where the cold, wind and rain doesn't allow most of the afghani indoor strains to ripe properly.

    Erdpurt Reg 10 pk
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    Erdpurt Reg 10 pk
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