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    Sativa / Indica ratio - 85 % sativa / 15 % indica
    THC 17-23 %
    CBD - 0.2 %
    CBG - 0.6-2 %
    Flowering indoors - 11-12 weeks
    Flowering outdoors - 3rd week of October / Early November
    Yield - High

    Resistance against spider mites - Average-High
    Resistance against powder mildew - Average
    Resistance against botrytis - Average-High
    Resistance against white fly - Average-High
    Resistance against cold - Average-High
    Resistance against heat - High
    Latitude 0º-43º

    Genetics - Old Malawi Killer x Tikal (F5) peach,mango incensey pheno.

    Structure - Sativa of medium-large size, strong and with excellent branching.

    Bouquet - Spicy and woody initially, balanced with fruity mango, peach, strawberry and incense terpenes from our Tikal. Deep resinous and oily background.

    High - Overpowering sativa effect, very complex. Strongly psychedelic at the beginning, with a long lasting smiling, hilarious and relaxing development.

    Terpene profile - It has not yet been analyzed.

    Growing Tips - It can be grown indoors with strong light intensity and with enough space for its development. We recommend to switch her into flowering after 15 days from seed, or starting from clones rooted for at least 7 days.

    Very suitable for SOG crops due to its great yield in the main cola, or for SCROG, horizontal or network growing due to its excellent yield in the lateral branches and its vigorous reaction to pruning.

    Excellent sativa for warm climates with warm or mild fall.

    We recommend moderate levels of nutrients for the growing stage, and moderate-high for the flowering.y pollinating the Old Malawi Killer with a refined F5 fruity and incensey Tikal, we have recreated Guawi: a pure sativa F1 hybrid of great vigor, yield and very high potency, which combines great african and american sativa genetics.

    Tikal (with 75% Guatemala sativa genetics) gives the Malawi a more compact structure and a shorter flowering time, considerably improving the African aromas and flavours of the original Malawi with its highly refined terpene profile of mango, peach and strawberry bubble gum.

    We recommend Guawi to all growers looking for sativas of great vigor, high production, complex terpene profiles, and overpowering and long lasting psychedelic effects.
    THC concentrations are always high or very high: between 17-23%.

    Guawi Fem 5 pk
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    Guawi Fem 5 pk
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