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    Sativa / Indica ratio - 75 % indica / 25 % sativa
    THC - 14-22 %
    CBD - 0.2 %
    CBG - 0.3 %
    Flowering indoors - 7-9 weeks
    Flowering outdoors - End of September / Early October
    Yield - Average

    Resistance against spider mites - Average-High
    Resistance against powder mildew - Average-High
    Resistance against botrytis - Average-High
    Resistance against white fly - Average-High
    Resistance against cold - Average-High
    Resistance against heat - Average-High
    Latitude - 0º-47º

    Genetics - (Old Kali Mist x China Yunnan) x China Yunnan. F5 semi stabilized hybrid.

    Structure - Indoors it grows compact and columnar. Outdoors develops more branching with a rounder shape.

    Bouquet - Mango juice, sweet cream, incense, hash, grill meat and oriental spices.

    High - Powerful, psychedelic and sensorial effect of SE asian sativa, with a relaxed, introspective and meditative development.

    Terpene profile - It has not yet been analyzed.

    Growing Tips - It can be grown very easily indoors. In order to obtain the best results indoors, we recommend warm temperatures (around 25ºC) during the growing stage and the first 4 weeks of flowering. In the last month, temperatures should be reduced to 20ºC for the rest of the flowering process.
    Outdoors matures without problems up to latitude 47º.

    Genetic analyses show Kali China has a unique genotype, of moderate genetic variability, showing only indirect kinship with our China Yunnan strain used to develop Kali China. Kali China is an excellent breeding tool to create your own crosses, when it is crossed with both: long flowering sativas or indica plants, producing interesting incensey hybrids.

    We recommend moderate nutrient levels for the whole cycle.
    Kali China is one of the strains that has taken us more time to develop, reaching the top breeding refinement of our China Yunnan hybrids.

    It's a compact and fast flowering plant of indica behavior, which flowers produce a unique and complex aroma, and a refined tropical sativa effect.

    Like in 'haute cuisine', Kali China stimulates very different organoleptic areas, making this strain a delightful experience of the highest terpenic level.

    Its effect stands out because of its complexity and sativa nature, surprising traits for a plant of only 45-55 days of flowering time, that is easy to cultivate indoors without height problems.

    Kali China Fem 5 pk
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    Kali China Fem 5 pk
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