Product description

    Parents: Quicksilver X Sugar Punch
    Type: 30% Indica – 70% Sativa
    Taste: Sweet / Candy / Fruity
    Effect: Uplifting / Happy / Headbuzz
    Flowering time: 9 Weeks

    Product description
    Prepare for the sweetest cannabis seeds sensation you’ve experienced so far. Meet our Candyfloss Homegrown cannabis seeds, bred to bring out the sweet tooth in everyone! These deliciously tasty sativa sweeties pack some deceptively badass effects, though, so be warned before you taste that first Candyfloss harvest… Known to sometimes display pinkish colour to match their extreme flavour, these babies combine 70% sativa dominance with superfast nine-week flowering times. Candyfloss brings any grower sugar and highs and everything nice!

    Candyfloss Homegrown Feminized Cannabis Seeds
    Candyfloss Homegrown seeds are the most sugary addition to the Amsterdam Genetics Homegrown selection yet. Prepare for a mouth-watering, tongue-curling sensation of sweetness, as this daughter of Sugarpunch and our very own Quicksilver hugs the palate. With fabled Super Silver Haze lineage on both ends of the family tree, you know you’re in for a sugary 70% sativa haze experience – only faster than you’d expect, and with added ease of growing!

    The effects associated with Candyfloss genetics are squarely up in the sativa end of the spectrum. The buzz is cerebral from the start, although there is still enough indica on board to pack some body effects too. In fact, the Sugarpunch ancestry has been celebrated for its physically tingling sensual aspect, making this an interesting strain from a romantic or aphrodisiac point of view. Still, the main buzz is a cerebral one, full of happy, positive brainbuzz vibes that easily verge on the euphoric. A fine choice for social gatherings according to many, we’d describe Candyfloss as a strong sativa hybrid with a big sweet and sultry smile.

    Taste & Aroma
    The taste of Candyfloss can be described as sweet with undertones of undiluted sweetness – with sugar on top. Candy obviously springs to mind, but hints of fruit play their part, too, while the Mimosa influence of Quicksilver genetics adds some exciting skunky dankness to the aftertaste. One could describe this innovative hybrid as Super Silver Haze after a day spent running around the candy shop. Still, sweetness has the upper hand from start to finish, which only adds to the smiley-face impact of her effects.

    Medicinal Possibilities
    One obvious medicinal application for anyone growing Candyfloss cannabis seeds is its alleged potential in terms of libido and erectile dysfunction issues. Don’t treat it as a miracle cure, however; especially since its considerable THC content can easily send less experienced consumers to a night of deep sleep instead of wild passion. Perhaps this sweet lady is more suited for mood issues bordering on depression, because the euphoric, happy high certainly emphasizes the uplifting mental power of a true sativa champ. Candyfloss is also one to recommend for losing stress pronto, with a preference for the mental type tension often experienced after school exams or a busy day at the office. Anyone dealing with anxiety issues is advised to approach Candyfloss with caution, as the quick-onset cerebral excitement can be a bit too much for sensitive minds.

    Growing Candyfloss Cannabis Seeds
    Interestingly, growing Candyfloss cannabis seeds is every bit as sweet an experience as the high they hold inside. These seeds are exceptionally fast flowering for such a sativa-heavy cannabis strain, clocking in at a very pleasing nine week flower period. Although she thrives in indoor grow settings, outdoor grow adventures are certainly an option. In more northern climes, if temperatures drop below 17 degrees, Candyfloss may display hints of purple or even pinkish shades, which only makes her name more fitting. Yields are up in the high end of the spectrum, making 600g/m² harvests a reality for any grower who knows how to treat a sweet lady right.

    Candyfloss Fem 3 pk
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    Candyfloss Fem 3 pk
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