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    Albino Penis Envy, or “APE,” for short, is a cultivated variety of Psilocybe cubensis, one of the best-known and popular “magic” mushrooms. As the name implies, the fruiting bodies do look rather penile. It is mind-altering and able to cause a range of effects, including hallucinations, mood changes, and new beliefs or ideas. Penis Envy-type variants are popularly considered the most powerful strains of P. cubensis, and APE is considered the most powerful of the Penis Envy variants.  Its effects have been described in glowing terms as being very visual with a lot of euphoria and deep thoughts.

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    APE REVERT Cubensis Spore Syringe  ITW-S3
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    APE REVERT Cubensis Spore Syringe ITW-S3
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