Avery’s Albino Isolated Syringe L5

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    Originally isolated by the Almbinous, Avery’s Albino came from a MS syringe, and was initially a fluke. The name Avery comes from one of the owners daughters, Avery, and she sure is a beast of a strain which produces some of the best flushes I’ve ever see... Show more
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    Product description

    This leaves a lot of people skeptical of spore presence, and opens the door for shady vendors. One of the most unique varieties on the market, Avery’s Albino drop completely clear spores. When it comes to our glass slides and swabs, we scope every single sample, ensuring the presence of spores, and giving you the ease of knowing exactly what you are buying.


    Any Spores listed or sold on our site are for MICROSCOPY RESEARCH AND NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY. Always follow all laws set forth by each Country, State, or Province. We take no responsibility if anything from this site is used in any fashion that can be considered illicit or illegal.

    Avery’s Albino Isolated Syringe L5
    Excl. tax
    Avery’s Albino Isolated Syringe L5
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