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    10 Common Myths About Autoflowering Cannabis Plants


    Myth #1: Autos are CBD rich

    It’s true that the ruderalis species is CBD-dominant and it is also true that autoflowering strains have ruderalis genes but for some years breeders have been developing autoflowering strains to be THC rich.



    Even though the ruderalis species has a high-CBD level, the newer autos can be extremely potent.



    Even though you can find CBD autoflowers suited for medical patients or for consumers that don’t like a euphoric effect there are a lot of autos that have a high THC content and can have the same potency (or even more potent) than photoperiodic strains while keeping the autoflowering trait, allowing you to have up to 3 cycles where you would only have 1 with photos.



    Myth #2: Autos can’t be transplanted

    This is somewhat true, even though you can transplant your autos, you should be really careful because if you don’t take the appropriate care, you could shock them and it can affect the yields.

    Because autos take considerably less time from seed to harvest, shocking your plant can stunt growth, if you take into consideration that autos can take as little as 8 weeks to completely mature, even a couple of days of recovery from a transplant can result in an underwhelming harvest.



    Even though it's recommended to grow autoflowers in their final pot, they can be transplanted as long as you take the care to not stress them too much.



    We recommend planting your autos in a big pot so you don’t have to transplant them but if you do have to, make sure you do it gently to try and minimize the stress, here are a couple of tips:

    • Transplant your autos to the exact same medium mix.
    • Make sure the soil they’re in is dry and the soil in the new pot is wet.
    • Avoid squeezing the roots, leave a bit of space, and don’t press the soil too much. This way you avoid shocking them and root problems.



    Myth #3: All autos are less potent

    This is the most common question regarding autoflowers and for a time it was actually true, although now we have extremely potent autoflowering strains that can have up to 27% THC, being up to par with photoperiodic strains.

    This new autoflower genetics have a mix of Ruderalis, Indica, and Sativa genetics and can be truly amazing even though it is an autoflowering strain, it has a high THC level and delivers a strong effect that is a mix of both cerebral and body highs.





    Myth #4: Autos can’t be cloned

    As hard as it may seem to believe this, it is not actually true. You actually can clone autoflowers but due to the autoflowering trait, clones won’t have a lot of time to develop and won’t grow too much.


    Autos are not usually cloned because of the autoflowering trait, although you can they won't yield too much.



    Growers usually don’t clone auto strains due to the risk of shocking your plants, it's not worth it to risk your harvest because the clones usually grow short and don’t have time to produce big yields.



    Myth #5: All autos produce low yields

    This is a myth that may have originated when the first autoflowering strains were appearing, although it was true, it is completely false nowadays.

    Indeed some autos can have lower yields because of their size, but there is a lot of autoflowering genetics that have been developed so well and for such a long time that they can grow up to 150cm and produce up to 650gr/m2 in around 10 weeks.

    Have in mind that because photoperiodic cannabis grows for much longer, it has time to grow taller and that results in a bigger yield but autoflowers can also produce big yields and it solely depends on the genetics and your growing equipment.



    Myth #6: You can’t top autoflowers

    This myth will surely divide growers, some growers swear that it works and others don’t.

    The truth is: you won’t always have the expected result when topping because this depends on your experience and the genetics you’re growing.



    When topping, the result will depend on your experience as a grower and the genetics you're dealing with.



    For example, if you are planning on topping an Indica-dominant auto you’ll probably won’t have the expected result because Indicas tend to grow compact, with few side branches and small internode spacing.



    Myth #7: Autos are tasteless

    Good autoflowering genetics have all the same cannabinoids and terpenes photoperiodic strains have.

    The smell solely depends on your ability as a grower and on the genetics you’re growing, obviously, if you have experience and grow bad genetics or if you grow good genetics but don’t have experience the results won’t be what you expect.



    Myth #8: Autoflowers need 24hs of light

    This isn’t actually a myth but more of a preference.

    It is true that some strains grow better in a 24/0 light cycle, but others grow better in a 16/8 cycle because they prefer more darkness and others develop better in a 18/6 or a 20/4 light cycle because they can’t take too much light.

    This will depend on what you aim for and what your strain can take, you can get higher yields by providing more light but not every strain can take it well, so it’s just a matter of experimenting.


    Light Cycle 24/0 18/6 12/12
    Hours of Light 24 18 12
    Hours of Darkness 0 6 12
    Pros Doesn't require a timer and can    result in best yieldsAllows plants to rest, good buds and saves electricity up to 25% Saves electricity up to 50%
    Cons Can get expensive Requires a timer Underdeveloped and aery buds



    Myth #9: Autoflowers cannot be trained

    This myth is completely false, autoflowers can be trained and even should in some cases, although there are different types of plant training that can be classified in LST or HST, depending on the one you choose, it can stress your plants.

    We recommend performing LST techniques with autos, this way you can get the same results (even though it takes a little bit more work) as you would with high-stress plant training while minimizing the time it takes for them to recover, especially with more resistant plants that produce several side branches.



    Myth #10: Autoflowers take more time than specified

    Ok, so this isn’t a myth, you have to remember that the time breeders specify is when you provide an optimal growing environment for your plants, your plants can and will take more if you don’t have the appropriate humidity levels, temperature, lights, and nutrients.

    Now this isn’t such a bad thing because if you don’t have a good growing environment, the buds will not get super dense so even though they’ll take more, you will be satisfied with the results of your harvest.

    You can always chop them before they’re ready if you need to but the result won’t be as good as letting them grow for a little bit longer.



    11. In conclusion

    Even though autoflowers were not that good some years ago, they have progressed a lot, nowadays you can find strains that suit every grower and have selected traits from Indica and Sativa plants.

    Just make sure you’re providing a good growing environment and you will be rewarded with dense super tasty buds, please leave us a comment below sharing your experience with autoflowering cannabis!

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