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    7 Signs of a High-Quality Cannabis Sativa Seed (Hemp Seed or Marijuana Seed)

    If you're in the market for marijuana seed, don't just settle for the easiest source or the lowest price.

    You're bound to regret it.

    If you're really serious about cultivating marijuana, then you want the best seed available

    This is not a step that you want to overlook. Inferior seeds will produce lower quality marijuana; if they even produce plants at all.

    So, what are the signs of healthy marijuana seeds? Here are seven qualifications that make for a good product.

    1. Color and Firmness

    A healthy seed is usually brown and has a sheen as though it's been coated in wax. You may need to expose it to brighter light to see this effect.

    There may be some tints of gray or black in its shiny outer covering too. You might even notice burling, tiger-like striping or the mottled markings like that of a turtle.

    These are all good signs.

    And if you gently squeeze the seed between your index finger and thumb, it'll feel firm and resilient. It should not feel dry and brittle, as though it might break or crumble. 

    1. Size 

    It turns out that size does matter.

    In this case, it's not a specific measurement you're seeking though. But when you're able to pick through a group of seeds, pick out the largest ones. These tend to be of higher quality.

    That's because, generally speaking, the biggest seeds have more potential. They have more stored energy, which increases the likelihood that they'll mature into productive plants that also create large seeds.

    However, it should be noted that Indica strains tend to produce larger seeds than their sativa cousins. So always be sure that you're comparing like strains with one another. 

    1. Age 

    Where mature, high-quality seeds are shiny and brown, young seeds are likely to be green and white. Though it's natural to equate green with growth, in the case of marijuana seeds, it doesn't compute.

    Immature seeds are less likely to germinate. And even if they do, it'll take far longer to cultivate an adult plant than it would with a healthy seed at its optimal age. 

    On the other end of the spectrum are old seeds. While they'll likely be brown in color, they lack that lustrous quality. And when you squeeze them between your fingers, they crumble or break apart.

    This is a sure sign that the seed no longer possesses the energy and life force to create a viable plant, no matter how much care you give it. 

    1. Weight 

    Young and undeveloped seeds have not had enough time to begin storing nutrients. Therefore, they do not weigh as much as mature seeds.

    But as seeds continue to mature and begin to age, they also become lighter. The cracking or rupturing of the outer coat of the seed releases those vital nutrients, rendering them lower in weight.  

    High-quality and fully-developed seeds have all of their nutrients intact and will weigh the most.

    One way to determine the weight of seeds without an actual scale is to compare how many seeds it takes to make a determined measurement. For example, the fewer seeds it takes to make an ounce, the heavier they are. 

    So, in this case, less is more.

    1. Flavor

    It might be weird that this factor is even on the list.

    But if you're on the fence about whether a group of seeds is mature enough or past its prime, then taste one of the seeds.

    A healthy and viable seed will be rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids. That's why consuming hemp seeds has become so commonplace. And while you won't necessarily taste these, they'll emit a taste that's at least edible, if not somewhat desirable. 

    If you're still uncertain, taste a seed that you're certain is past its prime. It'll have the unmistakable taste of something that's old or rotten. Then compare the two.

    1. Passes the Float Test

    Everyone in the seed cultivating business is familiar with the float test: one of the best methods for culling out good genetics from the bad.

    This incredibly simple and cost-effective method involves taking a container of water and then pouring the seeds into the water to see if they sink or swim.

    The "swimmers" (the ones that stay on the surface) are most likely of a lower quality than those that sink to the bottom. Again, it comes down to the heaviness and weightiness of those nutrients. 

    There's one caveat here though. Give the seeds a couple of hours before pulling out those swimmers and immediately disposing of them. Some of those seeds that initially floated may just need more time to absorb enough water so they can sink.

    If they're able to do that, then they're viable and worthy of planting. 

    Also, keep in mind that you don't want to conduct this test until you're ready to actually plant the seeds. Soaking seeds signals to them that it's time to germinate.

    So, once you've identified those soggy but viable seeds, pop them into the dirt. 

    1. Price

    If you love bargain prices and closeout deals, save them for your next pair of shoes.

    When it comes to marijuana seeds, you should expect to pay a price for quality. So if you stumble across seed brokers claiming to sell seeds of the highest genetic caliber at the lowest prices, beware.

    This is not to say, of course, that expensive seed is always the best seed. There'll always be scammers and swindlers in every line of business.

    But the best place to start is by finding reputable seed banks. They should have a solid reputation backed by experience and plenty of positive reviews and testimonials. 

    While you could also buy from a hobbyist for a cheaper price, it's impossible to say whether you'll be getting the quality seed you desire. So, it's a big gamble.

    High-Quality Plants Start with the Best Marijuana Seed

    Be sure to visit our shop to find the optimal marijuana seed to serve your cultivation needs.

    And if you have any questions at all about the process of acquiring any of our high-quality seeds, contact us today. 

    We look forward to getting you started.


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