Monday 25 January 2020

    8 Advantages of Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds

    Cannabis grows almost everywhere on the planet and can thrive in almost any climate. Most experts agree that cannabis started in Asia, but through the actions of humans has spread. It was humans who spread cannabis, but the amazing plant adapted to everywhere we went. 

    Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are a product of that adaptability. Not all strains experience the same levels of light because as you move around the world the length and the frequency of sunlight undergoes changes. 

    For most plants, this would spell doom, but cannabis adapts with ease to almost every challenge it faces. 

    What Are Auto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds?

    Auto-flowering cannabis seeds come from plants that flower based upon the age of the plant. Most cannabis requires that a certain amount of sunlight and daily cycles are met before it will flower.

    Auto-flowering cannabis comes from the Ruderalis sub-species that originates in Asia. Early attempts at auto-flowering cannabis did not always perform the best. New strains are far better. 

    Here are 8 benefits to using auto-flowering cannabis seeds:

    1. Keep Your Plants All Together

    Unlike traditional strains of cannabis, you don’t need to separate auto-flowering plants. Plants in all stages of the life cycle can be kept together. This is because the maturation of the plant is not dependent on the sunlight it receives. 

    In many operations using standard cannabis seeds, you need to have more than one room. When you use auto-flowering cannabis seeds, you can plant new seeds as your older plants flower in the same room.

    1. More Harvests a Year

    While cannabis can already be harvested more than once a year, auto-flowering cannabis seeds can unlock a whole new level for you. If you do it right, your plants will flower and be harvested potentially 4-6 times per year.  

    1. Hardier Strains and Genetics

    Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are extremely robust. Since auto-flowering seeds are usually hybrids that include the Ruderalis strain of cannabis, they are used to growing in extreme conditions. Plants that feature this strain are resistant to diseases and other blights that can affect cannabis.

    Understanding the genetics of cannabis strains can be important if you want to be a successful grower. There are different types of cannabis and each one has its own needs.   

    1. Smaller Size and Scale

    One of the biggest problems with growing your own cannabis is the incredible size these plants can grow to. Some strains of Sativa can grow to be 20-25 feet in height. This can be a big problem for an inside grow.

    Cannabis plants of all kinds can regularly grow to be nearly seven feet in height. That is larger than some species of trees. Auto-flowering cannabis seeds grow into plants that are rarely much taller than three to four feet. 

    1. No Need to Worry About Strict Light Control

    As experienced growers know, light can cause a lot of problems. Most cannabis strains need cycles of darkness in order to grow properly. 

    The reason for this is that most cannabis strains are what we call photoperiodic. That means they mark time and growth by light and dark cycles.

    Auto-flowering cannabis plants do not do this. It doesn’t matter if light enters your grow at any point in time. City lights, street lights and even the sunlight shining into your grow will make no difference. 

    1. More Resilient to Weather

    Because the Ruderalis strain is so adapted to harsher conditions, the weather is less of a problem. If you have an outdoor grow, you know that sudden weather phenomena can spell doom to your crop. 

    Using auto-flowering seeds to start your grow means that your plants are more resilient against sudden cold snaps. They are also able to handle downpours and droughts more effectively. 

    This trait does make auto-flowering strains very good for novice growers too. There is less to worry about while you hone your craft. Even professional growers can benefit from the ease of growing these plants.

    7. Easier to Hide

    Hiding cannabis grow is not just for where it is illegal. There are a lot of reasons a person may not want others to know that they are growing cannabis. That being said, do not grow cannabis where it is illegal.

    Because of the self-flowering strains are smaller and more concealable, you are less likely to get robbed. Having huge cannabis trees out back will certainly make you a target . Auto-flowering cannabis strains can be hidden even outside among normal garden plants.

    8. There Are Constant Improvements

    As the study and cultivation of cannabis becomes legal across more states, there is more science going into it. Each generation of auto-flowering cannabis seeds produced preforms better.

    Auto-flowering cannabis strains received a bit of a bad reputation initially. These early strains still preformed well for many but were not up to the standards of professional growers.

    Modern strains of auto-flowering cannabis are much more productive , hardier, and easier to manage that the earlier strains were. This improvement has not stopped and will likely continue for as long as people are interested in growing better cannabis.

    There Are Very Few Disadvantages

    Most of the disadvantages of auto-flowering cannabis will not bother the average grower. they are a smaller plant in general and so you can expect slightly les harvest. You can't get as much from a 4-foot plant as you can a 20-foot plant, of course.

    The Grow of the Future

    Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are growing in popularity. They are easy to use and are hardy enough to grow anywhere. Especially for new growers if you are trying to grow your own plants, seriously consider using auto-flowering strains.

    Traditional strains can fail due to surprisingly simple reasons. These fails will waste all the time and money you put into your grow. Continued improvement of auto-flowering genetics means that as we move forward there will be continued innovation and improvement made to these strains. 

    There could come a time when auto-flowering cannabis seeds grow most  of the cannabis we consume.

    Contact us today at The Seed Cellar to get your own batch of grow started!

    • First Time'er

      Posted on wednesday 9 september 2020 05:54

      My first grow ever so I tried to germinate two seeds. Only one sprouted and seems to be do very well. It is exactly as described, small and stout!. it isnt very tall, maybe a foot, but the root is thick as a marker. It looks like ill have about 7-8 nice branches (no topping). Its still early but its coming along nicely. So happy i found this place, everything was perfect from ordering and paying to receiving my seeds. I live in Michigan so might try some curb side pick up in the future.

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