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Germination Tips

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Germination Tips

Germination Tips 

-We recommend using natural spring water, never tap water.

-For the best results we suggest germinating them directly in the

water until they are just barely cracked and then gently placing them tap-root down into 1-2cm of wet soil.

-Using a paper towel is fine but can be troublesome as the tap root can be damaged by the towel.

-Watering the soil after planting can push them farther into the soil and make it too difficult for them to push through to the top.

-A temperature of 70-78 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% relative humidity is recommended.

-There isn’t a whole lot of information on germination rates for cannabis seeds but we have found that many experts agree it’s about 80%

-It can take up to14 days for cannabis seeds to germinate and we have had recorded cases of them popping after 20 days.

-Some seeds have a thicker natural coating on the outside of the hull, this can inhibit water from penetrating. Take a fine grit (100-150) sand paper and tape it to the inside of an empty matchbox (or other small container) to create a convenient and easy scuffer for your seeds. Just shake the seeds gently for about 20-30 seconds to scrap of the natural coating. We have successfully sprouted seeds that were over 10 years old using this method.

-We store all of our seeds in cool dry metal cabinets. Inside the cabinets, the seed packs are stored in sealed plastic containers. The seeds are kept in their original breeder packs to ensure authenticity

*All information gathered is from books by Ed Rosenthal and Greg Green, we do not take credit or responsibility for these tips.


  1. Joseph Joseph

    Can you send to Florida? I bought seeds last year, crop seed, I think, not great, a friend, randy T, recommended you.

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