Seed Cellar - Friday 17 October 2019

    Grow more females from "Regular Seeds"

         Many new and experienced growers shy away from regular seeds because it is hard to guarantee how many female plants you will get from a pack of seeds. Thankfully Jorge Cervantes has your back. We have taken 9 tips from his book "The Cannabis Encyclopedia" to show you how to increase your ratio of female plants from regular genetics! The book is also available for purchase at our storefront!

    Tip 1 - Increase the level of nitrogen to make more female plants. Lower the nitrogen level to create more male plants.

    Tip 2 - Lower the level of potassium to create more female plants. Increase the potassium level for more males.

    Tip 3 - A high nitrogen level and lower potassium level particularly during the first two weeks increase your chance of getting a female plant.

    Tip 4 - Low temperatures will increase the chance of a female plant. Warmer temperature tend to produce more males.

    Tip 5 - High Humidity increase the number of female plants, low humidity will produce more males.

    Tip 6 - Lower moisture in the growing medium tends to produce more males.

    Tip 7 - More blue light increase the of female plants, more red light increase male tendencies.

    Tip 8 - Fewer hours of light (14 hours) produces more female plants. More like (18 hours) increases the number of males.

    Tip 9 - Any environmental stress tends to increase the chance of producing more male plants.

    Check out these top shelf regular genetics from Gage Green -


    We hope these tips will help you produce more female genetics in your future plants.

    Happy growing ! 


    • Frank Klaas

      Posted on wednesday 27 may 2020 13:08

      You guys have all the best strained. Thank you

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