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    Growing Your Green: How to Germinate Cannabis Sativa Seeds(Hemp or Marijuana)

    With the rapid legalization of cannabis, it only makes sense to want to grow some of your own kind buds.

    But there's more to it than simply buying marijuana seeds.

    After all, you don't just want to stick them in the ground and hope things work out for the best.

    Instead, you need to nurture and carefully germinate your new friends. Read on and we'll help you with this essential first step.

    Why Germinate?

    Those who've never tried to acquire a green thumb might not realize there's more to growing than sticking a seed in the soil.

    Germination naturally happens to all seeds as they begin to grow. It's the process by which the plant begins its lifecycle.

    However, when people talk about germinating seeds, they're usually talking about taking special steps to ensure the plant comes out. Seeds will only sprout when certain requirements are met.

    By taking special steps to ensure a high germination rate a grower can ensure they're able to get the most for their dollar.

    Germinating Your Marijuana Seeds

    Once you've got your seeds in hand it's time to put in the work.

    Fortunately, cannabis doesn't have a really extensive list of requirements and you probably already have what you need around the house.

    The Paper Towel Method

    As a general rule, cannabis needs:

    • Water
    • Mild heat
    • Air

    You'll need some paper towels and a couple of plates.

    Soak the paper towels with water. You don't want them dripping, however, too much moisture in an enclosed space is just asking for mold. Instead, the easiest way to do it is to let capillary action saturate the towels rather than running water directly over them.

    From there, you'll place down a couple of sheets on the first plate. Spread your seeds out on the towels. Keep them a few inches apart for the best results, if you have more seeds than you can reasonably fit with sufficient space, you'll need to repeat the process with another set of plates.

    Afterward, cover the first plate with the other plate. Flip it over to create a loose seal which keeps moisture in.

    Place them in a room temperature area, anywhere from 70° to 90°F works.

    Afterwards, check on the seeds once or twice a day and ensure the towels remain moist.

    Even Simpler: Soak Overnight

    Sometimes even paper towels seem like too much work. If that's the case, then try soaking your cannabis seeds in a glass of slightly warm water overnight.

    You can check for germination in the morning.

    Don't leave the seeds in the water for more than a day, if they're not showing signs of sprouting then you'll want to transfer them to paper towels. Otherwise, you're putting your valuable seeds at risk.

    Really Going For It: Making a Germination Station

    For those with the time, money, and DIY inclination it's possible to get an even higher rate of germination by specifically designing an area to handle them in.

    You can use a heated pad with a clear plastic or glass bowl over it. Most people use some kind of starter cube to get their plants going when they go down this route.

    Heated pads vary but everything from pads meant for a sore lower back to those intended to keep pet reptiles warm can work. Just make sure the temperature can be set correctly.

    It's the best way but it's also more expensive and takes more effort than methods which don't require heating.

    How Long Do Seeds Take to Germinate?

    Each strain and even the individual seeds will take a different amount of time to release its taproot and get ready to unleash the glory.

    You can expect most to germinate within a few days, but don't be surprised if they take a week or more.

    You're looking for the seed to "crack" and release a white tendril.

    This is the taproot which will end up feeding the plant nutrients by pulling them up through the soil.

    Once they've begun to sprout it's time to begin planting them. But you'll need to be careful, the seedlings are still delicate.

    Transferring Germinated Seeds

    The most delicate part of the process is getting your newly sprouted seeds into the growing medium without causing the plant to go into shock.

    Careful is the name of the game. You don't want to touch the delicate taproot with your bare hands, or even with gloves. Even a light touch can crush it and cause the plant to go into shock as it tries to repair itself.

    Using tweezers on the shell of the seed is advisable. If you used a paper towel be extremely careful, while some have a smooth surface the taproot may be tangled in those that are porous.

    Prepare the growing medium before you grab the seed. This is simple enough: wet the medium and push down a hole that's roughly 1/2" to 3/4" deep.

    Orientation is key to your plant's success. Carefully ensure that the taproot is facing directly downwards. Otherwise, the plant will be forced to reorient itself and could go into shock.

    After that, you'll just need to wait. Some seeds will peek through the soil in four to six hours, others may take a few days. If they haven't sprouted in ten to fourteen days, then, unfortunately, that seed isn't going to make it.

    Get Your Seeds Now!

    So, now you know the first step of how to handle your marijuana seeds. While some people prefer to just stick them in the ground and hope for the best, we think that the extra time spent doing things right is well worth it.

    Of course, all of this is academic if you don't have seeds to start with.

    If you're looking for reputable, high-quality seeds for a wide variety of different strains then why not check out our shop?


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