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    How to Build an Indoor Grow Room for Cannabis-Sativa (Hemp or Marijuana)

    The cannabis industry is bringing in more than $50 billion in sales, and the job growth is poised to hit a 76 percent increase in the coming years. If you have a love for this miracle plant and want to make some money, growing your own bud can be an amazing experience. 


    But trust and believe that you aren't the first person to have that thought. The industry has been flooded with opportunistic growers with dollar signs in their eyes who cut corners and end up wasting money or putting out a subpar product. 


    If you want success in the cannabis game, your grow room has to be set up the right way. 


    Here are some tips that'll help you create an immaculate grow operation no matter your budget. 


    What are the Benefits of an Indoor Grow?


    So you've read up on the cannabis industry and want to get in it. Where do you start?


    The most solid way to start, in addition to the most accessible, is to set up an indoor grow. There are a number of benefits that come with an indoor grow operation. 


    For one, you have full control over the elements. You won't have to worry about weather, pests or any other things that are harder to control. 


    You can give your plants the purest air, the exact amount of water and control the conditions as if you're running a laboratory. When you're just starting to grow, this also gives you the chance to really get hands-on experience without being bothered. 


    Just spending time in your grow room envisioning your future, giving love to your plants and breathing in the piny, dank aroma of it all can stimulate your senses and serve as a form of therapy. You'll watch your stress melt away when you put some TLC into your grow room and relax and inhale the fruits of your labor at the end of a hard day.


    Carve Out the Right Space For Your Grow Room


    Be sure that you find the ideal space for your grow room. You should definitely start small, but make sure that the space isn't so small that you'll need to immediately upgrade it as soon as your plants begin growing. 


    Make sure it's somewhere that you can easily get access to without worrying about interference or limited access. Depending on your living arrangement, you can start with something as simple as a spare room in your home, garage, basement or storage shed. 


    You'll need to have electricity and air flowing on a regular basis, so make sure that the infrastructure of the room you're growing in is tough. 


    Handle all Your Legal Prerequisites


    Of course, cannabis cultivation is new territory relatively speaking from a legal point of view. You'll need to research the cannabis growing, possession and sales laws in your state so that you know your rights and what lines not to cross. 


    In most cases, this means applying for a license or several permits for your grow space and your legal ability to grow. These permits come with several requirements for your grow operation's size, specifications, location, and upkeep do everything necessary to stay in compliance. 


    It's also wise to hire a lawyer that you can touch base with frequently to make sure you're in compliance with your state's cannabis cultivation license laws. 


    Set the Ethical and Qualitative Groundwork For Your Grow


    Growing cannabis takes a lot of TLC, so make sure that you solidly establish your "why" for setting up a grow operation. In doing this, make sure that growing nothing but quality, organic cannabis. 


    Aside from business, remember that cannabis is medicine and that you'll be sharing it with your friends and family. Give your family the best medicine you can provide by taking your time with the grow. 


    Run Through Your Supplies Checklist


    It's important that you also get the right equipment list together. 


    You'll need supplies for everything from germinating your seeds to giving them the right amount of nutrients. 


    Here are a few of the main things you will need for your grow room to be successful:

    • High-Quality 400 to 600 HPS/MH LED lights that you can use for upwards of 18 hours at a time
    • An ongoing source of clean, pure airflow. Your room should also be airtight
    • A constant supply of water and a tool to measure the humidity of the room
    • Sophisticated temperature control around the clock
    • A system to deliver nutrients to your plants on a timed basis
    • Closed access and guaranteed security from intruders


    After you go through your checklist, you'll have a solid foundation for your grow room. You can find something in every price range, so prioritize your needs and consider your budget when you are just getting started. 


    Start Setting Up Your Grow Room


    It's important to work diligently and carefully when setting up your grow room. 


    Rather than rushing haphazardly, take your time and be sure that each and every piece of equipment is set up properly. Never cut corners, and give yourself time to test out each piece before moving to the next phase. 


    Be sure that you are setting up your room discreetly and that you only work with a few trusted hands when starting out. 


    Optimize Your Grows


    Put in some quality hand time and sweat equity with your plants. There will be a lot of trial and error when starting out, but the best thing you can do is learn the ins and outs of cultivating cannabis. 


    By hand-trimming rather than machine trimming, and by checking on your plants each and every day, you will quickly begin to pick up the details of the process that will help you optimize your grow operation. 


    Most importantly, keep your room clean and organized at all times. You will be upgrading your process little by little as it grows, and before you know it you'll have a large operation that works like a well-oiled machine. 


    Take the time to audit your process and learn more about this beautiful plant with each and every yield, and it will help you get all that you need out of the process. 


    Set Up the Perfect Grow Operation


    In the illustrious words of Ed Rosenthal, "we all know marijuana is not addictive, but be aware, growing it is."


    Once you learn how to set up your grow operation, you'll want to keep perfecting it and optimizing it. 


    Creating the perfect grow room situation is helpful when you're trying to get into the weed business in earnest. These are the tips that will assist you when you're trying to get started on the right now. 


    Consider these points and always keep learning the ins and outs of cannabis cultivation. 


    Take the time to reach out to us when you have questions about seeds or setting up your own grow operation.

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