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    Proper seed storage

    Tips for proper seed storage

    First you must know the enemies of proper seed storage, *Light *Bacteria *Moisture *Air

    All of these things can cause your seeds to partially germinate before you are ready to plant them. 

    • Make sure seeds are stored away from anything that contains moisture. 
    • Always make sure your hands are clean and dry when handling them. 
    • Air tight containers are a non negotiable must for proper seed storage.
    • Make sure you are storing them in sterile containers and make sure to let the containers you are using completely dry after cleaning. 
    • Always avoid using clear containers when storing seeds as light can damage them. Even artificial light can be harmful. 
    • Use desiccant packets (either clay or silica), you can place these packets inside the sealed containers.
    • Using vacuum sealed bags is also a viable option so long as the bag is then stored in a dark place. 
    • Make sure to label your containers as well! 

         Freezing seeds is an option however, they must remain in the freezer until they are ready to be planted otherwise you run the risk of partial germination. In the freezer they can last up to 20 years safely and potentially even longer. Outside of a freezer they can last up to 10 years safely. 

    We hope these tips will help you keep your seeds safer for longer! 

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    • RICKY edge

      Posted on thursday 14 november 2019 19:02

      pcr tubes , tins are good, mylar bags, anything small thats clean and dry, i use pcr tubes myself and they work great

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