Wednesday 17 November 2021

    THE BLOG!!!!!! Seed Cellars Stellar Seedlings!


    • Lloyd

      Posted on tuesday 21 december 2021 08:42

      LOVE Your SEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I started growing in 1974 yep Im old but wise lol Northern Michigan( Upnorth) LOves all your seeds .. My ONLY place I buy seeds now lol Heres a way to remember me lol Im the guy who talks for as long as you will listen lol I always call after strong coffee and my morning joints (3) lol Carman is my Fav. Cellar shes always fun to talk to she has always taken my orders perfectly ! and she always has the imfo I need and I end up buying more seeds then I planned onto lol can never have to many seeds lol well just wanted to say hello and merry stonage and a happy grow year ! lol God Bless the Herb he created lol Forever Legal in the great state of michigan o btw Im starting a youtube channel called MedRec Michigan I will be promoting your seeds in any way I can.. Love and Peace 2022 lol geez 2022 sounds like some sci-fi shit lol have a great day and always remember theres nothing as being to hi lol

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