Blue Meanie Cubensis Spore Syringe S6

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    From Inoculate the World: Blue meanie is a legendary cubensis mushroom strain, with records going back to the late 1980’s.... Show more
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    Product description

    Not to be confused with panaeolus cyanescens, which are commonly referred to as blue meanies. The name comes from the deep blueing that can be seen on the flesh of a magic mushroom. During our mushroom hunts in Florida, we commonly find psilocybe cubensis and panaeolus cyanescens growing right next to each-other. I have yet to see the two species growing from the same dung patty, but as close as 1 foot away from each-other is common. This specific isolation of the blue meanie cubensis was brought to us from our friends at JetFuelSpores. Our friends in Amsterdam say this species produced little bell caps that were reminiscent of the classic shape of a liberty cap mushroom. The spores on this strain are purple to dark brown when spores are piled densely. It’s a great strain for beginners looking for ease, as well as experts looking to add a solid performer to their collection.
    Our spore syringes are made using high quality 10CC syringes. These can be sterilized and reused. Needles come factory wrapped and sterile. Made in front of a scanned, 99.99% efficient HEPA filter. These units screen out all airborne contaminants down to .3 microns with a guaranteed efficiency of 99.99%. These filters are used throughout the microbiological industry and by computer manufacturers, nuclear laboratories, photographers, and anywhere else clean air is a must.

    Any Spores listed or sold on our site are for MICROSCOPY RESEARCH AND NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY. Always follow all laws set forth by each Country, State, or Province. We take no responsibility if anything from this site is used in any fashion that can be considered illicit or illegal.

    Blue Meanie Cubensis Spore Syringe S6
    Excl. tax
    Blue Meanie Cubensis Spore Syringe S6
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