Blue Meanie Spore Print ITW-P3

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    Blue meanie is a legendary cubensis mushroom strain, with records going back to the late 1980’s. Not to be confused with panaeolus cyanescens, which are commonly referred to as blue meanies.... Show more
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     The name for this strain comes from the distinct blue coloration that forms around the caps and stems when touched or grazed. This discoloration is present in all psilocybin-containing mushrooms but is more noticeable in larger and light-colored strains such as this. (Blue Meanies is also the nickname for another species of magic mushroom, panaeolus cyanescens, which has led to a ton of confusion around this strain.) Blue Meanie is a very potent strain, effects take place 10-30 minutes after ingestion, expect your mood to be enchanted with euphoria and excitement. 

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    Blue Meanie Spore Print  ITW-P3
    Excl. tax
    Blue Meanie Spore Print ITW-P3
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