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    La Berry Fruta x Gorilla Glue Regular Autoflower strain also comes from top-quality genetics. 

    La Berry Fruta (18% THC average) X Gorilla Glue (22% THC average) regular autoflower seeds

    These seeds were a homozygous grow in which there was multiple pollen fathers. I had Gorilla Glue Feminized pollen floating in there as well as La Berry Fruta male pollen. Kind of a double cross experiment. Very healthy and good looking regular autoflower seeds. The pictures you see below with these two strains are the mother seed batch that I've grown out previously. This is Gorilla Glue and La Berry Fruta mixed together.

    She gets quite big sometimes as tall as 3.5 foot in certain phenotypes and gets almost as wide as tall when in bigger pots (7.5+), but if in smaller pots (3-5 gallon) she stays around 2 foot tall and not nearly as wide.

    Flint Auto Plant Reg 12 pk
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    Flint Auto Plant Reg 12 pk
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