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    This Blue Meanie is the widely known P. cubensis variety, not the
    Panaeolus cyanescens mycologists might initially be familiar
    with. This P. cubensis gets its name from the dark blue bruising
    that can easily appear on this variety’s flesh while handling. This
    blue bruising is a known indicator of psilocybin and psilocin
    concentrations. This variety is thought to have originated in
    Australia. While some varieties have been developed by
    breeders, this variety is thought to have originally been collected
    in the wild. This Blue Meanie variety has demonstrated high
    resistant to contamination.

    Blue Meanie fruiting bodies tend to be medium to large in size
    with golden to tan-colored caps, which often have white
    Spores appear to be purple to dark brown when viewed under a
    All of Great Lakes Mushroom Supply’s sterile, 10cc spore
    syringes are created under a vertical laminar flow hood in
    laboratory conditions. This gives us a 99.99% assurance that
    airborne contaminants down to 0.3microns will be filtered out of
    our preparation space. All of the genetics we offer have been
    proven on agar. It is our goal to offer mycologists a clean and
    viable product to have the best chances of success from the
    Always included with our 10cc spore syringes: 18ga needle & 1x
    alcohol prep pad.

    Golden Teacher Spore Syringe GLMS S4
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    Golden Teacher Spore Syringe GLMS S4
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