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    Penis Envy #6 is a cross between Penis Envy and a Texas
    Cubensis. This variety presents characteristics of each of the
    parental varieties, presenting visual characteristics more similar
    to Texas and containing the renowned potency of the Penis Envy
    parenting strain. Penis Envy #6 is a popular variety amongst
    mycologists interested in researching a Penis Envy variety with a
    reputation for being an easier cultivar to begin with.
    Penis Envy #6 sporulation is pronouncedly low.

    All of Great Lakes Mushroom Supply’s sterile, 10cc spore
    syringes are created under a vertical laminar flow hood in
    laboratory conditions. This gives us a 99.99% assurance that
    airborne contaminants down to 0.3microns will be filtered out of
    our preparation space. All of the genetics we offer have been
    proven on agar. It is our goal to offer mycologists a clean and
    viable product to have the best chances of success from the
    Always included with our 10cc spore syringes: 18ga needle & 1x
    alcohol prep pad.

    Penis Envy #6 Spore Syringe GLMS S7
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    Penis Envy #6 Spore Syringe GLMS S7
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