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    This is a first generation cross between Gold Leaf (Mother) and an amazingly vigorous thick stemed Northern Lights Pollen Father (Gold LeafxNothern Lights) 

    Indica Leaning

    Short and stout plant structure with a nice dense bud structuring if temperature are kept low. 

    This is top quality regular seed. Two championship strains come together. F1 generation photoflowering period seeds

    This is a cross strain of ILGM genetics on Gold Leaf (23%THC average) and Farmers Lab genetics on Northern Lights (20% THC average)

    Regular Seed-Photo Period F1 seeds

    Gold Leaf (Mother60/40)xNorthern Lights (Father95/5) Indica Leaning

    Gold Leaf x Northern Lights Reg 12 pk
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    Gold Leaf x Northern Lights Reg 12 pk
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