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    Tropicalia OG x Orange Blossom


    Who doesn’t LOVE orange cannabis? Orange Ghost was created by crossing our champion Tropicalia OG
    (Hibiscus Sunrise X Ghost Moonshine) male with an AMAZING female Orange Blossom Special
    (Clementine X Stardawg) plant. OBS is an award-winning strain created by Green Point Seeds and may
    be the single best-loved sativa on earth. The female was the result of a single seed found in a bag of the
    strain from a Michigan master grower who line-bred a super-orange OBS pheno. Tropicalia OG is a very
    unique heavy-hitting hybrid. You can expect a plant that generates beautiful 7 and 9- fingered lighter
    green foliage, prolific sticky/ frosty fat nugs with an amazing sweet, citrus nose, THC levels up to 20% or above and a clear, calming effect that starts as a nice sativa head rush, followed by a relaxing, settled
    body effect. OG plants are hardy, strong, and easy to grow. Because this hybrid is new, growers who like
    to hunt for interesting phenos may find some very special surprises!

    Crazy Hippie Weed is a small research company, with over 40 years of experience. We carefully select
    only the most interesting and unusual source strains, including very old land race breeds from the 70’s
    and 80’s that are available nowhere else. We cross our source strains scientifically according to advice
    from geneticists, chemists, and other master growers to generate amazing hybrids from the strongest
    phenotypes. We pay close attention to THC content, terpene profile, and final effects to provide a truly
    connoisseur product! 

    Orange Ghost Reg 12 pk
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    Orange Ghost Reg 12 pk
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