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    Tropicalia OG x Sour Trop

    Sour Double TropSour Double Trop was created from crossing our champion Tropicalia OG male (Hibiscus Sunrise X Ghost Moonshine) with a Sour Trop female clone (Sour Diesel X Tropicana Cookies) obtained from a highly respected Michigan grower. You can expect a vigorous, fast growing plant with exquisitely shaped dark green 5 to 7-fingered leaves, lots of large, very sticky buds that smell very strongly of sweet diesel fuel, and a characteristic darkening of the leaves and buds in the later bud stage to a deep purple color. The buds are heavy and the plant may need to be supported to keep it upright! This strain has a great indica effect that’s a bit less sedating than some due to the Tropicana Cookies sativa-dominant lineage. 20% THC levels can be achieved. This is an all-day strain that will keep you in the right frame of mind and body. Because this hybrid is new, growers who like to hunt for interesting phenos may find some very special surprises!

    Sour Double Trop Reg 12 pk
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    Sour Double Trop Reg 12 pk
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