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    Genetics: Carmen x Sugar Black Rose
    Type: 60% Indica
    Flowering Time: 55-60 days
    Yield: 500 gr/m2
    RATIO THC/CBD: FROM 1/1 TO 1/3

    "The Delicious Seeds team has been researching and developing strains with high CBD levels for the last couple of years to meet the needs of our medicinal growers. It all started three years ago when we got our hands on a clone of a plant called Carmen, which, we realized when we smoked it, didn't get us stoned but did have a magnificent mandarin taste. After cloning, we grew it again but this time we analyzed it and were surprised to find that it tested at 8.5% THC and 12.5% CBD so we all decided to work on it and conduct further research. In fact, we set ourselves the challenge of crossing all our best strains with Carmen. Our first big success is DEEP MANDARIN, which is Carmen crossed with our best-known strain worldwide; SUGAR BLACK ROSE (SBR). The resulting plant appears to be totally identical to Sugar Black Rose but with such a profound mandarin taste that we really couldn't call it anything else. As well as giving us its name, this strain's remarkable mandarin taste and smell indicate a high level of medicinally beneficial terpenes. Analysis conducted so far have given ratios of between 1/1 and 1/3 while some plants tested at 4% THC to 15% CBD, which not only surprised us all but spurred us on to make sure we could bring it to market for 2016."-Delicious Seeds

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    Deep Mandarin (CBD) Fem 5 pk
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    Deep Mandarin (CBD) Fem 5 pk
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