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    Genetics: Appalachian Kush x Sugar Black Rose
    Flowering Time: 55 days
    Type: Indica
    Yield: >1000 gr/pl
    THC levels of 24 - 25%

    "This strain is a cross between a male Appalachian kush and a Sugar Black Rose female, and is fairly quick, around 55 days flowering, and a generally superb plant. It is undemanding to grow, and very obliging. When smoked, to begin with this plant displays a slightly metallic “Kush” type taste, giving way after a few seconds to subtle sweet fruit and damp earthy notes, which we are sure will surprise you pleasantly.
    With respect to potency, we have to say that it is fairly strong, in the right hands this strain can easily reach THC levels of 24 - 25% and with quite a low cbd content.
    It is quite a short plant that does not develop many branches indoors, finishing in a dense uniform bud, but which develops vigorously outdoors with a large quantity of lateral branches, ensuring a more than excellent yield, with just one 1.5 metre plant easily producing more than 1000g. This strain is also very resistant to mold and pests, generally very easy to grow, and very appreciative."-Delicious Seeds

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