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    Hi-Fi 4G grows faster than you might expect from an Indica-dominant Kush variety. In the vegetative phase she grows quickly, but even in the flowering phase there is quite a bit of stretch in the plants. Perhaps slightly more than what you would expect from a cannabis plant with a flowering time of about 8 weeks. Most plants have a hybrid plant structure that will lean a little more towards the Indica side.
    It is best not to try to break or bend Hi-Fi 4G. The stiff branches can break easily, especially during the growth phase and are not easy to manipulate. That is why it is best to grow this strain naturally or in a SOG setup. With the latter method you can immediately achieve the highest possible yields. Her thick flowers get more light in a SOG and you get the most weight from these main buds.
    During the flowering phase, the plants have quite a stretch, they will continue to grow for about 3 weeks after switching the clock to 12/12. Her internode distance is short to medium. Even with the phenotypes with a slightly longer internode distance, the spaces are completely filled with flowers. These phenotypes also have a very favourable flower-to-leaf ratio, which makes them a favourite among growers.
    Trichome production is a bit slow at first, but around week 6 of 12/12, resin and trichome production is really in full swing and sometimes takes just a few weeks before they can be cut. Her THC level is very high. After several lab tests lab tests have shown that this strain can reach well above 20% THC and therefore belongs to our exclusive category of 'Extremely High THC seeds’. This is reserved only for cannabis seeds with an extremely high THC potential.
    Lineage: WiFi OG X Glueberry OG
    Yield: XL
    Flowering Time: 8 weeks
    Family: Hybrid
    Type: USA Special
    THC Content: Extremely High
    HiFi 4G Fem 5 pk
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    HiFi 4G Fem 5 pk
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