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    Hollands Hope is a true ‘old school’ classic. This strain was developed in the 1980s when there were hardly any hybridised cannabis varieties for temperate climates. The strain became an instant hit. It amazed many growers with the fast flowering times, allowing it to be harvested before the bad weather started. In the Netherlands, Hollands Hope harvest was long before the maize crops were gathered in, a useful and important feature for guerrilla growers. This gave the strain enormous fame which eventually led to the original Dutch Passion Hollands Hope strain being mentioned in a Dutch TV cannabis series called ‘Hollands Hoop’.

    The strain is an Indica dominant hybrid with a fast flowering time of about 8 weeks and a compact bushy (Christmas tree) structure. The plant grows slightly smaller than other outdoor varieties from our ‘Dutch Outdoor’ cannabis seed collection, such as Frisian Dew and Passion # 1. She grows thick, sturdy branches and large fan leaves. In terms of height, she usually reaches around 2m, but in very favourable conditions she can also grow a little taller. If you want to keep her slightly smaller, it is advisable to top her. This can even be done several times, bear in mind that she will then grow strongly in width, so there must be sufficient space for this.

    Hollands Hope is a cannabis plant that is perfectly suited for growing in your backyard. Because of its compact growth, it is less visible than other outdoor varieties and you can grow it both in the garden and in pots. In addition, Hollands Hope can also be grown in a greenhouse, but try to provide some ventilation. If it is a greenhouse without ventilation, bud rot (or mold) can be seen in the compact buds of this variety due to too high humidity and too little fresh air (oxygen). Open both a window and the door of the greenhouse for better ventilation. For the best result, use a fan to ensure that more fresh air is blown through the greenhouse and that no stagnant air remains in the greenhouse.

    Lineage: Original Hollands Hope
    Yield: L
    Flowering Time: 8 weeks
    Family: Indica
    Type: Dutch Outdoor
    Prize Winner
    Room: Outdoor
    THC Content: High

    Hollands Hope Fem 5 pk
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    Hollands Hope Fem 5 pk
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