Product description

    Genetics: Out of Body Experience x Synchroncity
    Type: Indica Hybrid
    Sex: Regular
    Flowering Time: 9+ weeks

    The 5th Dimension is where we time travel and explore alternate realities. To elevate our consciousness to new dimensions. To exist beyond space and time is an experience of divinity. We use the sacred flower as tools to reach these elevated states. We ask for potency and beauty to manifest in all our creations. In return, they guide us and help us experience the world beyond the limits of our current reality.


    Out of Body Experience (Skywalker OG x Grateful Breath)
    Our of Body Experience is a special selection by Old Anonymous in Michigan. This special flower grows into gorgeous
    spears of blue and white resin. The Out of Body Experience, or OBE for short, will create ripples in the reality of time and space.
    She is potent and will affect change. The Out of Body Experience exudes delightful pine flavors accompanied by deep fuel notes
    and blackberry highlights. Flower – 63 days, Medium Stretch, Indica Hybrid

    Synchronicity (Irene x Grateful Breath)
    Maestro Synchronicity, a project which utilized multiple males, is a cross between Irene OG, heralded from the South,
    and Grateful Breath Solomon a project that began in Oakland, CA and completed in Mendocino, CA. The vigor and yield of the
    Maestro selections, along with the potent citrus, chocolate, and gas flavor profile, is why we are excited to introduce this series.
    Maestro Synchronicity 3 features stocky growth structure and wider leaves like Grateful Breath. Maestro Synchronicity 1 features
    lanky growth structure like the Irene. Explore the diverse flavors and extraordinary flower formations offered in this exotic
    combination. Flower – 63 days, Medium Stretch, Indica Hybrid

    5th Dimension Reg 20 pk
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    5th Dimension Reg 20 pk
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