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    Genetics: Breathwork x SynchroncityPursuance (Breathwork x Maestro Synchronicity 3)
    Type: Indica Hybrid

    Pursuance, inspired by the John Coltrane track from the album, A Love Supreme. To carry forth a plan or action which
    inspires uniqueness. To bring about extraordinary manifestations from the soul, this is the meaning of jazz. To pursue and achieve
    truth in art and in life. We seek to embrace truth in every aspect of what we do. To be in tune with the pursuance of our highest

    Breathwork (Mendo Breath x Grateful Breath)
    The Breathwork used in this cross was selected in Michigan by The Standard Detroit. From the 2nd version of the Breathwork release, this Breathwork female produces purple and blue frosting accompanied by gas with a fresh-baked blueberry pie flavor and nose. Her natural, gem-like allure makes her irresistible. A cross between Mendo Breath and Grateful Breath, Breathwork retains the best of both worlds. Flower – 60 days, Medium Stretch, Indica Hybrid

    Synchronicity (Irene x Grateful Breath)
    Maestro Synchronicity, a project which utilized multiple males, is a cross between Irene OG, heralded from the South,
    and Grateful Breath Solomon a project that began in Oakland, CA and completed in Mendocino, CA. The vigor and yield of the
    Maestro selections, along with the potent citrus, chocolate, and gas flavor profile, is why we are excited to introduce this series.
    Maestro Synchronicity 3 features stocky growth structure and wider leaves like Grateful Breath. Maestro Synchronicity 1 features
    lanky growth structure like the Irene. Explore the diverse flavors and extraordinary flower formations offered in this exotic
    combination. Flower – 63 days, Medium Stretch, Indica Hybrid

    Pursuance Reg 8 pk
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    Pursuance Reg 8 pk
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