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    Genetics: Triumphant 2 x Synchroncity
    Sex: Regular

    Inspired by the song by Emerson Lake and Palmer. Trilogy, both song and flower, is a fine example of soaring artistry that will inspires future generations. Creativity and expression. Inspiration and optimism. The power of three. Mind Body Soul. Father Mother Child. Past Present Future. The three in one. Triune. Experience the trinity of Trilogy.


    Triumphant (Triangle Kush x Grape Stomper OG)
    The Triumphant is a new selection from the 2017 Breeders’ Stash release. Selected by Old Anonymous in Michigan, the
    Triumphant is known for its incredible nose and flavor. Pineapple, lemons, and gas fill the room when she’s around. The
    Triumphant forms tight flowers that stack with beauty. She has a vine growth structure with strong branching. Discover the
    potency and power of the Triumphant. Flower – 63 days, Medium Stretch, Indica Hybrid

    Synchronicity (Irene x Grateful Breath)
    Maestro Synchronicity, a project which utilized multiple males, is a cross between Irene OG, heralded from the South,
    and Grateful Breath Solomon. The vigor and yield of the Maestro selections, along with the potent citrus, chocolate, and gas flavor
    profile, is why we are excited to introduce this series. Maestro Synchronicity 3 featured stocky growth structure, wider leaves like
    Grateful Breath. Maestro Synchronicity 1 features lanky growth structure and growth like Irene. Explore the diverse flavors and
    extraordinary flower formations offered in this exotic combination. Flower – 63 days, Medium Stretch, Indica Hybrid

    Trilogy Reg 15 pk
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    Trilogy Reg 15 pk
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