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Fat Tuesday Reg 5 pk by Kingdom Organic Seeds

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  • LINE: 4-Way Hybrid Bogglegum (male) x Kali Thai – All Pre-2000 Genetics
    SMELLS: Bigtime Literally Dank and Overripe Kiwi Fruit Sweet with a Sour Twist
    WEIGHT: Large Colas & Large Yields
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The Kali Mist and Bubblegum are both very evident in these offspring, along with some hefty cola sizes via the Bubblegum, JFT, and NL#5. She is a true sweet & sour type when it comes to her smells and flavors. Believe me when I tell you that these terpenes are unique as hell and stand apart from 90% of the smells/flavors out there. Her potency is legendary and the f2s will be a playground of awesome genetic expressions floating around in phenotype forms—and I mean yikes.

Her high-type is an intense one, and she will almost always “cut through” any high you have going on and re-write it on the spot, heh heh. Intense with long long legs, and she is so intense that I would caution peeps that get paranoid when smoking certain types of cannabis to be mindful of dosage with this one. I find her edgy a bit, high energy in the mind but relaxing in body; not sleepy per-say but her come-down (hours later) can be a bit dreamy and easy to doze then.

Points to Consider Growing the Fat Tuesday Hybrid:

She is really easy to grow and very strong/hearty, however she will stretch decently so starting her flowering at about 10” will result in a 3-foot plant normally under 300-400 watts of intense lighting.
She has broad spectrum vigor and larger yields can be had by topping her, but she will need a lot more resources to produce larger numbers of larger colas; I recommend larger container sizes to start with.
She should excel outdoors in moderate southern latitudes, but due to her bud density and size humidity should be a consideration.
She’s shouldn’t be really fussy about much of anything, and will likely grow way too fast and be highly adaptable.
I would only flower clones of this one indoors, otherwise if that’s not doable I would allow the plants to get at least 50 days old before inducing flowering.
This one is very stinky so be aware of this while flowering or carrying. The smells carry well, seriously it’s a thing, LoL.

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