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    Artisanal Strain: Mango Smile
    Genetic Heritage - Mango haze (Mr. Nice Seeds) x Toof Decay F5
    Seed Type: F4 Feminised Automatic
    Strain figures and info:
    Size - 90 to 120cm
    Structure - Sativa madness, wild and branchy.
    Indica/Sativa - 15/85
    Cycle Time - 75 to 90 days from sprout
    Yield - 100 to 150g
    Aroma - Spicey, Fruity, Strong old school highgrade delight
    Taste - Mango, tropical fruit salad, skunky.
    Effect - Strong cerebral high, good social effects, lowering anxiety and bringing on a fat smile.
    Medicinal Benefits - Anti stress, pain relief.
    Cannabinoids - TBA
    Extract information - High oil production ideal for extracts.


    Project introduction and Overview:
    Mango haze is one of 4 new sativa based strains that we've developing over the last couple of years. These projects were conceptualised as we're huge sativa lovers at Mephisto, and we know a lot of you guys are also. So consider these the ying to the yang of the ever expanding MG catalogue.

    Like with our other new sativa strain 'hubbabubbahaze', we sourced the seeds to work this project from Mr. Nice Seeds, we've been fans of the genetics first developed and then preserved by the team at Mr. Nice Seedbank for a long time, when we were looking for classic yet still amazing and relevant cultivars to work into automatic form our search stopped there.

    We had been dying to base a new Artisanal project off our Original line strain 'Toof Decay', Toof Decay is heavy on the Indica side of the spectrum but has one of the nicest most palatable tastes in our catalogue, and produces frankly oodles of resin, so it seemed like an ideal candidate to splice with a heavy sativa and bring a new exciting hybrid to the autoflower table.

    The result is a veritable beast of a strain, the most sativa/hazey specimen from these new offerings. This strain is not for novices however, It should be respected and treated as a Sativa in automatic format.
    However that said the rewards from growing this strain are plentiful.

    Strain behavior and structure:
    Mango Smile can be assessed as quite unusual in behaviour and structure, she starts off with pretty unique leaf shapes, soft but definitely showing her sativa genetics.
    The seedling and vegetative stage is quite undramatic, she just gets on with it, fairly open structured plants from the off, however once she sexes and hits the pre-flower stage all hell breaks loose.

    Following our MG grow method for breeding of 18 female plants per 4x8ft space, everytime we've grown Mango Smile, they've outgrown the 7ft ceiling height, requiring a heavy supercrop of the main stem to bring them into line.
    We would definitely recommend growing the Mango Smile at less plant densities. We would recommend a big pot, and actively training them from early on, be it as minor as leaf tucking, to LST, to HST and scrogging, they can be manipulated heavily without slowing them down too much.

    As noted just above, be prepared for a generous stretch, if grown naturally the foliage will be pretty sparse, she puts out big big fan leaves and the branches have large internodal gaps, if trained her foliage will be more apparent and will probably require several sessions of leaf management to ensure all the flower sites are bathed adequately in light.

    Depending how you shape the Mango smile, you can either get a big monster cola and satelitte flowers, or multi-topped plants with slimmer flowers. The flowers are generally compact for a heavy sativa strain, and the calyxs can stack, but when grown correctly the flowers are heavily encrusted in thick white resin.

    Like photoperiod sativas, this strain will be sensitive to the environment, when dialled in you can expect BIG yields of really fire product, and again as with the Hubbabubbahaze less can be more when it comes to nitrogen and what you fuel her with.

    The aromas from this strain are really delectable! When putting our noses in it transports us back to our visits to the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam back in the day.
    For us, this is one of the most exciting projects to come to fruition, and to make available to you guys. It isn't an autoflower for the novices, but with some research and care she is well tamable.
    She can run on the longer side of the spectrum, in our environment up to 85 days, but for a Sativa strain and the size possible once she starts flowering she can finish remarkably fast for a haze based strain.

    Mango Smile Auto Fem 3 pk
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    Mango Smile Auto Fem 3 pk
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