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    Latest generation of this autoflowering phenotype. There are some minor differences between it and the feminized photosynthesis in terms of taste and effect, its smell is less intense. Medium size plant that is quite productive for being automatic. Its characteristic blue colour can be seen at the end of flowering period. Indoors we recommend to grow 20 plants per square meter and a cycle of 18 hours to obtain the best results.

    Type 100% autoflowering
    THC: 13% CBN: 0.3% CBD: -1%

    Indoors Production +400 g/m2 (With 600W light)
    Bloom 60 days

    Exterior Production 50 - 200 g/plant
    Bloom 50 - 70 days

    Blue Pyramid Auto Fem
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    Blue Pyramid Auto Fem
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