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    Latest generation of this autoflowering phenotype. It maintains many of the main virtues of its feminized version in terms of flavour and aroma. Plant with an Indica effect and with a sweet and very aromatic taste. Outdoors it can reach more than 70 cm in height, provided it is planted at the time when there are more hours of sunlight. Indoors we recommend 15 plants per square meter, which can exceed 1.60 m in height, and maintain the entire cycle at 18 hours.

    Type 100% autoflowering
    THC: 14% CBN: 0.5% CBD: -1%

    Indoors Production +400 g/m2 (With 600W light)
    Bloom 70 days

    Exterior Production 50 - 180 g/plant
    Bloom 50 - 70 days

    Super OG Kush Auto Fem 5 pk
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    Super OG Kush Auto Fem 5 pk
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