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    "A very “happy” selection all around for growers and tokers alike. Candy like fragrances and tastes with a euphoric and creative high that tapers off into into relaxation. Growers like the fact that RMG Cherry Bomb can be a good producer of crystal coated lime-green buds exhibiting outstanding “bag appeal” when grown adeptly. Cherry Bomb buds are thick and firm with large swollen calyxes and grown on a relatively stout plant, which is a fantastic quality to have in a plant that shows a significant percentage of Sativa lineage in this hybrid strain of connoisseur quality marijuana. Because of the strong Sativa lineage, plants grow vigorously and are capable of being heavier yielders versus pure Indicas when allowed the full nine to eleven weeks to reach maturity when grown indoors (grows outdoors in longer seasons too). The Indica side of the equation is equally noticeable in the growth, buds and qualities of the effects. Buds are firm and somewhat rounded while growing fairly close together. The high may come a little racy at first-part of what spurs the motivational and creative aspect of the buzz. However, the Indica genes present will keep you from soaring off too far, and the effects taper off into a nice relaxed and happy state of being with some physical relief also. Does great as a larger plant which is capable of producing large and solid top colas of crystal covered medicinal buds that smell strongly of cherry-lime candies. Tastes just like it smells too. Excellent choice for a day-time functional smoke. Yield: Good to Very Good Flowering Time: 9-11 weeks Appearance: Lime green crystal covered bud with a few hairs; little leaf, lots of calyx. Aroma: Incredible fruity, sharp and sweet-like candy. Effects: Initially “Up” followed by a motivated but euphoric and relaxed pleasant buzz with some body effects. Great day time smoke and in evening is a good social selection."-Old School Breeders Assoc.

    Cherry Bomb Reg 5 pk
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    Cherry Bomb Reg 5 pk
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