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    Frequently asked questions

    Seed Cellar

    1.1 What service do you use for mail delivery?

    United States Postal Service(USPS).

    We currently use the 3-5 day business shipping.



    1.2 Do you offer discrete shipping?

    Yes! We use bubble mailer envelopes to ship all seed orders.

    The packages only read "TSC" for the return addressee.


    1.3 Do you provide tracking numbers on your customer shipments?

    Yes. The tracking number is provided via email after the shipping label is created.

    If for any reason you do not receive your tracking number, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.

    Once payment is received, we will ship your order the following business day(with the exception of observed holidays.)

    1.4 Do you guarantee germination or replacements on seed purchases?

    No, unfortunately we do not. We retail seeds and do not produce them ourselves.

    However, we can contact the breeder of the seeds that you have purchased and attempt to get them replaced for you.

    Replacements are dependent the the breeder's final decision!

    1.5 What happens if I'm missing an item or received the incorrect product?

    Contact us IMMEDIATELY. We can check our inventory and correct the issue for you in a prompt manner.

    Much like yourselves, we are only human and make mistakes from time to time.

    1.6 Do you offer returns, exchanges or refunds?

    Unfortunately, no.

    Exchanges will not be accepted due to the variable in which you cared for the product after purchasing.


    As stated on each and every receipt and invoice, ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

    1.7 Do you offer grow advice?

    Unfortunately, no.

    We do sell books in store that offer a lot of information from authors like Greg Green, Ed Rosenthal, Jorge Cervantes and many others.


    1.8 Do you ship internationally?

    Not ate this time, though we do hope that this option becomes available in the future.

    1.9 Can I combine orders?

    Yes. Before shipping or pickup, just let us know that you would like us to put your orders together and we can accommodate.

    1.10 How long do I have to make payment on my order before it is cancelled?

    Shipping orders are held for 2 weeks while pickup orders are held for up to 10 days.

    If you need to prolong a hold on your order please contact us before your order lapses.

    1.11 How are seeds packaged?

    Each breeder uses different packaging, but almost everything is sealed and "tamper-proofed" by the breeder for purposes of authenticity. 

    1.12 Is PayPal ever going to work again?

    Not likely. We are in an industry that they do not approve of. We do not expect to be reopening an account with them.



    1.13 Will I get freebies?

    Freebies vary by purchase(amount spent, promotions, and order selections).

    Freebies are NOT guaranteed for every purchase, though we try to give them out as much as possible.

    1.14 What is the difference between Auto-flower and Photoperiod seeds

    Photoperiod seeds require a change in light cycle in order to begin flowering(from veg(18/6) to flower(12/12)).

    Auto-flowering varieties will vegetate and flower at the same time under an (18/6) light cycle and will finish much faster.

    Autos will not yield as well being they finish much quicker that photoperiod plants.


    1.15 How can I pay?

    Money orders, cashiers checks or cash through the mail.

    We also accept bank wire transfers(additional $10.00 fee)

    and Wester Union Transfers(fees may vary).

    Shipping orders can now be paid by SeamlessChex. Below are Terms and Conditions for this payment option.


    We have a cashless ATM that can be used in-store as well. Just be aware that your daily withdrawal fees will apply for use.


    Seamless Chex Terms and Conditions

    • Pay cards (Green Dot, netSpend, Wisely, etc.) will not work with this system. Even though they have an account and routing number, they are NOT a bank account and checks cannot be written from them. The check WILL bounce, and you will be responsible for the returned check fees.


    • If Seamless Chex is unable to verify the account information, we will send you a secondary payment link through the email you provide. Seamless Chex works with Plaid to instantly verify funds.


    • Packages will be sent out after payment is received. Seamless Chex is not an instant payment system, and there is a 2-5 business day processing time before we can ship seeds. 


    • Returned checks
      • Fees: up to $50 in fees for every returned/bounced check.
      • Returned Check policy: We reserve the right to permanently block an account number from using the Seamless Chex system for any reason, if any. 

    1.16 Can I come in to the store to purchase seeds?


    Monday through Friday, we are open 10AM to 6PM. 

    Saturday, we are open 10AM to 4PM.

    Holidays are an exception, but you can always contact the store to see if we will be open for your arrival.

    1.17 Do I have to shop online?

    No, though we do encourage you to visit our website to help you visually see the products that we carry.

    You can always call in your order as soon as you are registered with an account on our website.

    We are happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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