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    Abusive OG x True Ganster Kush

    Allusion OG is a mostly indica variety from SnowHigh Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±53 days) and outdoors.
    Allusion OG is the combination of an original Abusive OG Kush cut pollinated with Snow Highs True Gangster Kush males. The True Gangster Kush is a combination of modern day OG Kush combined with 2 different Pakistani Kush lines. The work for this strain was done to produce males for a selection process with some of the best OG Kush and OG Kush hybrids in the world. I started off with over 50 plants and finally selected them down to 2 males and 4 females after growing them out the long way to evaluate their traits and expressions. The 2 True Gangster Kush males have been used in upcoming work but this line was made for those interested in OG Kush genetics that have real Pakistani Kush in them which hasn’t been made by reversing sex of female plants. This line will be limited with the intention of the final product having all the traits that people come to love from OG Kush but without the pitfalls of poor rooting, poor yields and sensitivity issues. Allusion OG is a very vigorous OG Kush/Pakistani x Modern OG Kush hybrid strain which has good branching, fast maturation, potent compact resinous floral clusters that yield heavier than most OG Kush lines.

    Flower time range 7-8 weeks
    Indica dominant
    Stretch 1 to 2x
    Resin production: High
    Odor: 10
    Aroma: OG Kush dank fuel, with some phenos leaning toward Pine forest.
    Flavor: 9
    Pine sol and fuel with some phenos expressing true Pine
    Potency: 9
    High Type: A very medicinal strain, immediate euphoric body and head effect which is very potent but very manageable depending on level of intake.
    Genetics: Abusive OG Kush x True Gangster Kush

    Allusion OG Reg 10 pk
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    Allusion OG Reg 10 pk
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