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    Pablos Gold #14 x Metal Haze F2 x Angola Red

    Blood Diamond is a mostly sativa variety from SnowHigh Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±95 days) and outdoors.
    The Pablos Gold that we used finishes flowering as quickly as 9 weeks and can be taken for more character to 11 weeks. The extra resin produce and larger flower size appeals those familiar with modern cannabis strains. This is an introduction to the cannabis varieties that will be the norm in the future. A few season back I had a red trait Angola Red male that was full on red, stems, petioles, sepals, the works. It was red red, not a shade and not just some of it. This red trait Angola Red male was used to preserve the strain but I also used him with lines like Skywalker OG, Pablos Gold, and in this case a Metal Haze F2. I was growing out some Metal Haze F2’s not much stock and no males. I used one of the females that looked like I dipped her in diamond dust and sugar. The results of the Angola Red x Metal Haze F2 was a killer male, that stunk! This male was branchy and ideal for using in a projects that I think would have reviled many other past projects. I ended up getting a Congolese Black male and only used the Metal Haze F2 x Angola Red male on a few lines but oh so grand. The Blood Diamond is or will be an instant classic. Lots of resin, sticky and stinky buds that had red traits and form nice leafy colas and spears. Blood Diamond is a **Limited Release**

    Flower time range 10-16 weeks+.
    Stretch 1 to 3x
    Resin production: high
    Odor: 9
    Aroma: Grapefruit, leather, skunk, honey suckle, complex but intoxicating
    Potency: 9
    Modern Landrace Poly-Hybrid

    Blood Diamond Reg 10 pk
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    Blood Diamond Reg 10 pk
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