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    Genetics: Hijo De Chingada (Abusive OG x Pablo’s Gold) x OG Purple Fire Thai
    Yield: Moderate-large
    Sex: Regular
    Photoperiod: This strain can be grown Indoor or Outdoor
    Flowering Time: 10-14+ Weeks
    Plant Height: Medium- Tall

    Chingona is a mostly sativa variety from SnowHigh Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±84 days) and outdoors.
    Chingona is the Mexican slang word for a Bad Ass female! Chingona will fuck you up..
    Abusive OG Kush was pollinated with a rare Pablo’s Gold male that exhibited red stems from the Panama Red genetics and golden white leaves from the Colombian Gold side, we call this line Hijo de Chingada. The combination was a wild combination of color funk and frost from legends of the cannabis gene pool. Hijo De Chingada got kicked in the balls and used 2 OG Purple Fire Thai males to make the rare heirloom hybrid into a rare connoisseur heirloom hybrid with street cred we call Chingona. Not to be confused with our Chingon (Bad Ass) Skywalker OG x Pablos Gold). OG Purple Fire Thai is a combination of Nevilles Haze F3 x Purple Thai x NorCal Fire OG. The OG Purple Fire Thai line is extremely sticky, highly resinous, very well branched, highly aromatic and forms large root masses that equate to very large yields indoors or outdoors. The NorCal Fire OG was a commercial OG Kush line sourced from Northern Mendocino County from friends growing her for many years and is a heavy producer of stinky potent OG Kush flowers. The Purple Thai is a combination of Purple Afghan x South East Asian Thai Stick that pollinated a very commercial high end version of Nevilles Haze F3 that finishes quickly and forms long heavily resinous spears of top grade cannabis.

    Chingona Reg 10 pk
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    Chingona Reg 10 pk
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