Product description

    Pineapple Thai x Grape Krush
    60% Indica / 40% Sativa
    Bloom Length: 9 to 11 weeks

    This is a cross between Northern California Pineapple (Pineapple Thai) and Grape Krush F2 (male)
    Purple Pineapple Bomb is a tasty treat of true Pineapple sweetness and clear and up euphoric clarity from the Pineapple Thai which was pollinated by a beautiful red and purple stemmed Grape Krush F2 male.


    2 Phenotypes
    Describe each phenotype expression:
    This is a new SnowHigh release. Current test grows are being done. The Sweetness of Pineapples and a soaring up high from the Pineapple Thai mixed with the high yielding, extremely potent Purple and Red Grape Krush F2 male should make for a highly sought after strain for the connoisseur or commercial grower. Potency and quality is the name of the game with this strain and nothing but top shelf meds should come from this pairing.

    Stretch: 2x stretch depending on growing environment could be more
    Resin Profile: Copious resin production is expected
    Odor Score:7
    Odor Description: Depending on which way the phenotypes lean you can expect Sweet True Pineapple goodness which translates from the smoke to the palette from the Pineapple Thai lineage. The Grape Krush F2 line imparts dark grapey hash notes that tickle the nasal passages with a dry toke or once fired up. High potency grapey goodness is expected from this side of the line.

    Flavor Score: 9
    Flavor Description: Sweet Fresh cut Pineapple to Grape Candy Hash

    Potency Score: 8
    High Type: The high type is expected to be highly stimulating with just a enough body effect to rock your world. I I expect some phenos to be very social and some to be maybe I shouldn't venture too far from the safety of my home.

    Purple Pineapple Bomb Reg 10 pk
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    Purple Pineapple Bomb Reg 10 pk
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