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    Classic Twist x (Classic Twist x Black Rhino 1947) Classic Twist-Afghan Haze x Underdawg OG
    Flowering Time: 70-72 days

    This might just be the best sativa we've ever smoked or created. This plant takes the cake as being the epitome of sativa hazes. We started this cross with Classic Twist (Sour Head cut) and crossed it to a very special Black Rhino 1947 male. Black Rhino 1947 is (White Rhino x Pre2001 blueberry x AK-47 x Peak 19 x Black Russian clone only x Durban landrace). The male we chose was very heavily to the Black Durban side of the family tree, with little to no indica traits present. When we sent out testers, and when we tested them they produced a mass majority of these tall elegant crystal laden buds. At first glance, they don't look to be very heavy, but its where the Underdawg OG and the indica traits from Black Rhino kick in, making the buds look airy, but actually are quite dense. It's a decent yielder on a 4ft plant it averages about 2oz in DWC.-Sunshine State Genetics

    Riane's Rhino Reg 10 pk
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    Riane's Rhino Reg 10 pk
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