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    Alpine Joe (Deep Chunk F14 x Buttery Poop) 

    Alpine Joe is the resulting offspring of a mother “Deep Chunk” and father “Buttery Poop”. The former is notorious for its compact, reddish purple flowers and short flowering time. Combined with Buttery Poop, the resulting “Alpine Joe” strain should produce dense, solid buds sporting pistol colors ranging from purple to white, with a unique aroma smelling of citrusy chocolate funk. We picked these two strains specifically on a terpene quest—knowing that both of the parent strains have such interesting flavors and smells. Alpine Joe is a true gem in the garden, and will grab her growers by the nose. 7–8-week flowering time.

    Swamp Lord Alpine Joe Reg 20 pk
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    Swamp Lord Alpine Joe Reg 20 pk
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