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    Artisanals Mango Smile Auto-Fem 7 pk

    Artisanals Mango Smile Auto-Fem 7 pk

    Genetic Heritage - Mango haze (Mr. Nice Seeds) x Toof Decay F5
    Structure - Sativa madness, wild and branchy.
    Indica/Sativa - 15/85
    Cycle Time - 75 to 90 days from sprout
    Yield - 100 to 150g
    Aroma - Spicey, Fruity, Strong old school highgrade delight

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    84.00 Excl. tax
    Sweet CBD Auto Fem 5 pk

    Sweet CBD Auto Fem 5 pk

    TYPE - Indica
    HEIGHT - 75cm-100cm
    THC <1%
    HARVEST - 70 Days
    STONE - Non-Psychoactive
    YIELD - As a producer this plant will yield between 80-100g per plant in a good setup, or 400g/m2 in a SOG setup, which although not quite as high as some, the s

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