Product description

    Type: 50/50 Hybrid
    Flowering Time: 60 days
    Indoor Plant Height: 3-5 ft
    High bud to leaf ratio

    Quartz Rock - (Do si Do x Project 13 F1)

    Tested under Wild Stallion. We received a Do si Do clone, grew it out and were amazed with the result. Like many who have found this out we wanted to see how it would breed. It was a great idea. What the result was was far beyond both parentals. A gland covered nug rocket. This has the title for most glands, bud to leaf, and potency. The only way to describe this is a glittery canna mace. Uber easy to grow. Hardly needs any trimming at harvest, and every pheno we grew turned out awesome. Possibly the closest to holy shit as it gets. The flavor is a heavy gas hash and the high hits you like a brick right away. After the brick smashes your face a deep calm floods over with a "whew...that's the shit dude..." For headstock and for heavyweights as well this strain also dumps volume. This wont just be popcorn results, we are TreeTown...this will dump weight as well. This has to be by far one of our best kept secrets.

    Outdoor these will harvest around mid to late September, indoors they are fast at 50-57 days. They eat and liked 1400ppm max for us. This stretches at first then makes up the cola by end of harvest. It grows 150% after flower so we typically flip at 15". They all produced massive amount of glands and finding one with glands, B;L, that grows well will be easy from one pack. Phenos vary but mostly in growth and bud structure for tight packed to a normal hybrid. Uber high THC will be found in every pack. You cant miss a good pheno here.

    If you want to have that fire that sets the tone with your friends...Show them some Quatrz Rock.

    Quartz Rock Reg 10 pk
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    Quartz Rock Reg 10 pk
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