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    Blue Dream x Pink Hair Runtz
    Type: 60/40 Sativa Dominant Hybrid
    Flowering Time: 58-63 days
    Indoor Plant Height: 4 ft

    Smurfz - (Blue Dream x Runtz) FEM

    Blue Dream a California icon in the Bay Area and Runtz. We knew this would go off just didnt know how much. Blue Dream has been on request now for the last 10 years to cross with. We have never seen requests over the years go down unlike so many other cultivars.

    So when we received a amazing cut of Runtz we knew what was the first on the list to use. The combo made a uber resin covered blue aroma plant that has the same smell as the Blue Dream. The Runtz addded a fruiter tone to it and helped the trichome development.

    Some finishing with pink and yellow stigmas. Most get a blue to dark green tone mid flower and some turn mostly blue on finish. Expect a big finish and a 4' tall plant. Flipping at 12" could be a option to make the plant finish under 4'.

    Finishing outdoors in mid October and indoors 58-63 days.
    Its blue, its magical, the only small thing about it is its name.

    Smurfz Fem 6 pk
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    Smurfz Fem 6 pk
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