Product description

    60/40 Sativa Dominant Hybrid
    Flowering Time: 63 Days
    Indoor Plant Height: 3-5 ft
    Heavy Yielding
    Flavor: Smooth with subtle cherry tones

    Sour Cherry - (East Coast Sour D x Project 13 F1)

    Our breeder not being the biggest Sour D fan was against the project, but when we sourced a AMAZING cut of ESCD he changed his mind. By far thee best ESCD cut weve seen in over 20 years and possibly according to our breeder thee best version of ECSD ever. The ECSD has huge unmistakable flavor and has volume to match. A snap to grow and easy to work with we matched it with our Project 13 "cherry pheno" male. We wanted to have not a "puffball" cola from the ECSD but a more connected one. The P13 tightened up the cola a bit and kept the huge bud mass. The tightness of the ECSD was relaxed with the P13 male, making a more airy bud structure while still producing golfball size buds indoors. The flavor and aroma is right on par with a perfect blend of sweet cherry fruit and a sour tang. Expect huge buds that might need support, due to they are very top heavy even early on in flower. Does well with PM and has a need for fertilizer. Im not sure where the nuetrient wall is with this NPK monster. It loves light and a ton of it. Not the strongest highs but with the volume and flavor the 18% is worth it.

    Harvests outdoors in late October and possibly early November, and indoors around 65 days. Huge buds and colas so ventilation and humidity control is a must. We havent had problems with rot so this strain for its volume and mass is very resistant to bud rot. It does well with exremes like drought and cold so a very easy plant to achive a great result from. Most are 50/50 phenos from parents but this leans both ways but more twords the P13. Perfect for begginers. This grows a bit slower at 120% but the buds at canopy are massive so the heigth isnt needed as much.

    East meets West for a perfect combo.

    Sour Cherry Reg 10 pk
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    Sour Cherry Reg 10 pk
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