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    Genetics: UK Clone only Blues x Killer Skunk(UGORG)
    Type: Sativa/Indica Hybrid
    Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks

    "The first pull on a Blues spliff is sure to please. The aroma, so satisfying to the nostrils, translates into an exquisite taste which all but defies description. Sweet, and hash-heavy, the taste washes over the tongue as you draw in. This is some tasty weed! Leave tobacco out of the mix, and you will grin from ear to ear as the sweet, resinous taste coats your tongue. Not that it's all about the taste! After about six puffs the first thing to be noticed is the vanishing sensation as your feet seem to disappear. The body feels light, relaxed, mellow. The mind is stimulated in a huge rush of cerebral energy. Writers will Write, painters will Paint singers will Sing - all with huge inspiration and new-found confidence! The Blues is heart lifting, mind expanding cannabis! This is happy weed, the sort of giggle-some, laugh - creating stuff that older generations of stoner love to reminisce about. Smoke more than a bit and then the second characteristic kicks in as muscles relax to new found levels and the head feels wrapped in a cool, refreshing band" type buzz. Wrapped in top-to-toe comfort, grinning from ear to ear, giggling at nothing in particular.... What's not to love about this fabulous strain which seems to have roots going back way into history?"-UGORG

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    NoName Reg 10 pk
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    Blues Reg 10 pk
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    Blues Reg 10 pk
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